The Eternal Tenant

Ghost stories are often just that, a story told by one person to another. There is rarely any sort of proof, perhaps a fuzzy photograph or strange video. Proof of life after death would require far more than just eye witness testimony and vague photographs.

However the story that most impressed the staff at the Cheshire County Historical Society was that of one ghost, reported by two different people.


The story is a simple one. A tenant at an apartment in an old house in town came in to try to find out about a ghost. The was a woman dressed from a long ago era that he had seen sitting in his apartment looking out the window. The tenant wasn’t afraid of the ghost. Indeed, it seems Keene is a town that accepts ghosts as simply part of the pleasure of living in an old historic home. Still, the tenant wanted to know more about the ghost. While there is no official record of ghosts, the Historical society was glad to help look up the history of the house. The tenant went home and was not heard from again.

Many years later, another tenant came to the Historical Society to find out who was the women in old fashioned dress sitting in his apartment looking out the window. This sounded familiar to the staff. Upon checking the address, it was indeed the same apartment. The same ghost, but a new tenant. Again, the tenant had no fear of the ghost, simply a wish to get to know the history of the eternal tenant in his apartment.

Keene seems a town very tolerant and accepting of sharing their homes with previous occupants.

While no other tenants from this apartment have shown up, it could be that the last tenant to check is still living there, perfectly happy to pay rent for both himself and the ghost. The mysterious woman who has a keen interest in what’s happening outside the home she’s never left, like most Keene ghosts, is welcome to stay as long as she likes.


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