Monkey Ghost House, Colorado Street Keene NH

Keene is not just perhaps inhabited by human spirits. A small street off West street near downtown is the supposed home of a simian ghost. The monkey ghost of Keene inhabits a lovely home typical of the area with a beautiful front porch. The back yard though perhaps still holds a hint to the spirit reported within. A play house stands in the yard, not for a child but for a monkey.

At one time in the small one car garage toys belonging to the pet also resided, long after the monkey had moved or gone on to his not so final resting place.

The monkey ghost supposedly makes himself known in ways no human ghost would dare to use. The monkey ghost of Keene will tug at hair, especially loving long hair, as a person walks down the stairs or even sits in the living room to read or watch TV. The mischevious monkey is also reported to throw monkey “pooh” at visitors he disapproves of, or perhaps just for fun. Odd smells have been reported, that were defininely scatagorical in nature.

Tugs and smells seem to be the only reported signs of the monkey, along with a feeling of unease when people would go into the basement. The basement contained a large cage for holding the monkey, which was peculiar enough to generate scary thoughts of what might have been contained there.

No one seems to know why this monkey might have decided to stay in Keene, it appears the monkey had a loving home with toys, outdoor play area and large indoor cage. Perhaps the monkey just had it too good, and isn’t ready to leave such a pleasant home.

Simply the imaginings of residents and visitors based on the evidence of a former monkey resident, or does a monkey still reside and get up to trouble in Keene? The ghost monkey of Keene is probably one of the more colorful ghosts in the town, just watch out if you have long hair and if you smell anything foul, duck! The odor is reported to dissipate quickly.


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